Knowing More About Psychic Readings

psychic signPsychic readings of human beings are things that have always been under investigation. These are things that cannot be proved with the help of the scientific methods that are prevalent today. Many of the statistical results have shown the evidences of the existence and the truth behind the things that are related with psychic abilities.  There is a very common misconception that the people who are having psychic reading are the ones who are highly evolved. The possession of psychic reading does not indicate the development of the individual but it just means that the individual has got some extra strength than others.

The truth is that all the individuals have got psychic reading in them but they are not visible because we do not take enough strain to understand and nourish them. If every individual spend some time knowing oneself and nurturing the skills that are lying beneath him then you can find that many people come up with talents and skills which are just amazing and cannot be defined with words or the proofs of science. These psychics who have developed the skills with great effort can help others with the skills of intuition. They can easily do this with the help of various psychic reading.


Psychometry is the ability of the psychic in reading the past of anything by getting access to the memory that is present in all matters. There are clairvoyants available who make use of the personal item of anyone who has died for telling things about them with the help of the vibration energy that they get from the item that was possessed by the individual. The patterns of vibrational energy that come from the object that the person owned can create sympathetic vibrations in the subtle bodies of reader.


This is another psychic skill according to which knowledge about the occurrence of an event is gained before it actually occurs by making use of extra sensory – perception., prophetic dream, vision or premonition. Present events can be considered as the effects of the causes that are already present in past. The events that happen in the future are the effects of what is present today. By knowing present causes, there is possibility for predicting effects that are more likely for occurring in future.

This ability can help them in identifying the causes that exist in the casual world so that they can predict the future without any kind of flaws. There is no way for them in knowing whether the vision that they have is related with fictional or actual event. Predictions can be valid only when no new causes arise. This is something that is very unlikely in the world. For this reason many different possibilities are foreseen about future which is due to the existence of many causes.


Edgar Cayce: Psychic or Channel?

edgar cayceIn the parlance of metaphysics, some terms are often used interchangeably whether accurately or not. Edgar Cayce, the so-called Sleeping Prophet, is almost always referred to as a psychic but we can fairly debate if that is the most appropriate term for him. He was called the Sleeping Prophet because of his ability to go into a trance state and gather information for various purposes.

The debate may seem frivolous, but there are distinctions: a person with genuine psychic ability (i.e. the ability to glean otherwise unknowable information in a consciously aware state) may not necessarily be a trance channel, and while a trance channel may have the remarkable ability to access information in an altered state of awareness, they may not necessarily be particularly psychically gifted. For all intents and purposes, I think Cayce is best referred to as a trance channel; either way, there is no debating the fact that he has left an indelible mark in the world of metaphysics.

The Gift Unfolding

Born in 1877 to a farming family in Kentucky, Cayce would receive no more than a ninth grade level education. Not surprisingly Cayce was a devout Christian, adhering to the Disciples of Christ, one of two denominations which share the name and one having its roots in 19th century rural Kentucky. In 1901 after taking a job as an insurance salesman in his early 20’s, Cayce developed a severe case of chronic laryngitis that lasted over a year, forcing him to find a new career in photography which would require less use of his voice.

In his search for a cure (which mainstream medicine failed to provide), Cayce experimented with hypnotism. Remarkably, during the first session his voice was restored but upon awakening the laryngitis returned. In subsequent attempts with a different hypnotist, Al Layne, who had knowledge of hypnosis as a means for curing illness, directed Cayce in the hypnotic trance to describe his ailment and also prescribe the cure. After several sessions his vocal cords were permanently healed.

Trance sessions for Layne would uncover accurate and effective treatments for his own conditions. As word spread about Cayce’s amazing ability requests for sessions (which became known as readings) came from far and wide. Even questions that came in the form of letters proved to be no obstacle as he could just as effectively diagnose and prescribe treatments (despite his lack of formal education or any training in medicine) whether or not a person was present, and in fact most of his work was done from a distance. In 1923 new kinds of questions were being posed to Cayce related to the meaning of life, the nature of reality and other more philosophical and metaphysical topics, and these became known as the “life readings” as opposed to the previous “physical readings.”

Conflicting Paradigms?

There was seemingly no question Cayce could not answer. Over a period of four and a half decades Cayce gave over 14,000 readings, most of which were documented and have been archived along with responses to the readings from patients. It was astounding enough that the physical readings could elicit accurate medical advice, but the life readings would reveal new kinds of information completely out of context with Cayce’s religious background. Topics such as reincarnation emerged, juxtaposed to his orthodox Christian belief system and information about the lost continent of Atlantis.

When asked during a psychic reading where the information came from Cayce said that it came from the subconscious or unconscious of the client, or the Akashic Records (sometimes referred to as the Book of Life), which is akin to Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. It is a sort of etheric database upon which every thought, every emotion, every experience of every person who has ever lived has been recorded and is thus accessible.

What do we name this ability of Cayce to access this information? When Cayce gave real psychic readings they came through in his normal voice but narrated in the “we” form, and he would not remember the readings upon waking, like most trance channels. There was not an outside entity that claimed control of his consciousness as also happens with most trance channels. Yet he had a direct line to records otherwise unknowable in ordinary consciousness. It’s possible that he was simply the clearest psychic that ever lived, but given the fact that he had to go into trance to retrieve the information makes me lean more the direction that he was actually a channel.


Finding A Psychic Development Circle

psychic readingsA psychic development circle is a great way to improve your psychic abilities with the help and support of like-minded friends. A psychic development circle typically has two purposes. First, it gives you a safe forum to practice your abilities with other people. Second, it creates a powerful energetic boost as the entire circle focuses on the intention to increase psychic development and expression. A single person’s belief can be very important in shaping that person’s reality: imagine the power of a group that has multiplied that belief and put shared energy behind it!

What Psychic Development Circles Do

A psychic development circle will generally focus on helpful activities like guided meditation, shared stories of psychic events in each others lives, and psychic development exercises. Members of the group may practice with one another: for example, a Tarot card reader might get the chance to read for other members of the group, or group members may ask for intuitive guidance that the entire group gives together using whatever methods are available to them. Some psychic development circles purchase a pre-written course and go through the shared course together. In addition, the psychic development circle provides a supportive environment that the members might not enjoy anywhere else.

What Makes a Good Psychic Development Group

Psychic development groups have a positive, healing focus. Though the groups have a leader that leader is not taking money or demanding favors from other group members, or manipulating them in any way. Indeed, negativity is supposed to be left at the door and cleansed through prayer and meditation, and good groups ask for protection from angels, the Source, God, or the Universe before proceeding on their psychic adventures. Good groups have 4-12 committed members and the group doesn’t change much. A highly successful group will meet in the same quiet room every single week, and it is best if the room is used only for this specific function. Socializing takes place after the work is done, usually in another room entirely.

How to Find the Group

Perhaps the easiest way to create a psychic development group is to find like-minded friends, but there are other ways. For example, you can look into your nearest Psychic Development Center to see if there are any groups seeking new members. Some groups also advertise online, either on Craigslist, on forums, or on Meetups. If none of that works you can create a psychic development group yourself and advertise it however you see fit.

Use Your Intuition

As with anything to do with psychics or psychic development, it is very important to use your intuition when choosing a group. It’s important that finds a group that resonates with you: with your values, your goals, and personality. If you spend most of your time feeling uncomfortable because you feel out of step with the group or its motivations it will be difficult for you to open up enough to enjoy the benefits the group has to offer to you. Others in the group will likely pick up on your discomfort and it will hinder them as well. That’s not to say you should never join a group if you’re somewhat shy or have difficulty with new people: you’ll overcome this in time if that’s the only problem. It simply means that you shouldn’t leap to join a group just because it’s the only one you’ve found in the area, or because it seems very prestigious, or anything else of the sort. You should feel like you’re in a safe place with people you can forge friendships with.


Common Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic Visions

What do you envision when you think of a psychic reading? Do you see a woman staring into a crystal ball, or laying out cards with colorful, mysterious images on a table in unusual configurations? There are many different ways psychics “read” people. How a psychic reads will depend on their particular innate talents or skills which they have developed through training. It really doesn’t matter what method a psychic uses, because the method is only the mode of information transmission. What matters is the quality of the information you receive. Here is a brief list of some of the most common reading modalities psychics employ.

Understanding Clairvoyance

From the French for “clear vision,” clairvoyance refers to the psychic faculty inherent within a psychic advisor or reader. Sometimes referred to as ESP (extra sensory perception), clairvoyance is not the same thing as mediumship (the ability to communicate with the dead). One can be a medium and be clairvoyant, but it is not necessarily the clairvoyance that facilitates the mediumship. Clairvoyance is one type of “clairsensing;” another type is clairaudience, or “clear hearing.” Clairaudient people are able to hear information in the form of words or voices that are from unseen realms or dimensions. When a psychic is engaged in a reading – no matter the modality or technique – it is their clairvoyance, clairaudience, or other mode of clairsensing that is the transmitting faculty, much like antennas on radios are needed to pick up a broadcast signal in order to tune into a radio station.


Palmistry is the art of reading a person’s palm in order to glean information about a person’s life, or to even tell the future. There are many different ways psychics read palms, and some of the earliest known techniques can be traced to the early cultures of Greece, India, China, and even the Babylonians and Sumerians. There is no one “right” way to do a palm reading; it is more a matter of interpretation of a hand’s qualities.

Tarot Cards

tarot cardsThe Tarot deck of cards has its roots in medieval Europe, most likely Italy. Developed originally as a game for entertainment, the cards were not used for divination (fortune telling) until the 18th century. Now, tarot cards are one of the most popular tools psychics use to impart information, and there are many techniques available. In the most common method, a client asks a very focused question of a personal nature, avoiding yes or no questions. The reading provides a picture of the overall energy surrounding the situation.


Psychics can often read other people’s energy or vibration through objects like jewelry, photos, clothing and other personal items. A psychic imprint is left on the item that the psychic can pick up and give information about that person to the client. This is a psychic technique to learn things about other people.


Astrology is far more complex than just picking up a newspaper and reading your daily horoscope. Like palm reading, astrology has a very ancient history and roots in many cultures. Some claim it is as much science as occult; indeed, it takes years to become a good astrologer because of the depth of knowledge it takes to learn to interpret astrology charts. But what makes a good astrologer is good intuition as much as the ability to interpret charts.


Similar to palm reading, numerology is an interpretation of symbols based on personal information – in this case, numbers associated with things like birthdates and names. Numeric values are assigned to letters, and the numbers have qualities attributed to them that aid a psychic in reading someone’s energy.